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Welcome to the e-Tendering Platform

e-Tendering is an open, secure, interoperable, and re-configurable e-procurement platform based on open European standards and EC directives where contracting authorities and economic operators can perform their daily e-procurement activities.


For the Mac OS 10.7 users
A recent update of Java on Mac OSX prevents the signature service (DSS Fedict) from operating normally.


Contracting Authority Services
Offers to contracting authorities a collaborative e-procurement environment for organising their tender-related activities. Provides the tools for supporting the management of a tender dossiers covering the visualisation, modification, submission, qualification, opening of a tender.
Economic Operator Services
Economic Operator Services provide the tools and services for carrying out automated, transparent and safe preparation and submissions of requests for participation or tenders. It provides a non-discriminatory solution on fundamental procurement aspects, and processes for allowing economic operators and candidates to carry out efficiently their procurement activities, thus assisting on the acceleration of the tender preparation and submission procedures. Register